Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Voluntary Book Reports?

Did you enjoy writing book reports when you were in school? I didn't. I couldn't always put together my thoughts well enough, or remember everything I wanted to include.

Now I'm reviewing voluntarily. Amazing. But I'm having so much fun! Just today I heard back from a new author whose book came out yesterday. I'm so excited to read her novel and post my review and perhaps an interview, if we have time.

What a privilege to get involved in promoting Christian fiction. I still meet people who've never even heard of Christian fiction. That's somewhat surprising to me, probably because I've been immersed in it for over a decade, maybe closer to two (though there were a whole lot fewer books to read back then). I love how it's growing, and look forward to continuing to promote it.

Even if I have to write voluntary book reports. :-)

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