Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Whispers of Hope -- Ten Weeks of Devotional Prayer by Beth Moore

Whispers of Hope

Today, rather than my usual fiction reviews, I’ve got a non-fiction/devotional for you. 

As always, let’s begin with the summary:

Scripture tells us to pray without ceasing, but how in the world do we do that? In fact, how should we effectively pray to begin with?

Best-selling author Beth Moore addresses these practical and pervasive matters in Whispers of Hope by walking readers through an easy to remember and apply method of prayer, coupled with seventy daily devotionals and followed by prompts to put this prayer method into practice.

Indeed, Whispers of Hope teaches the manifestation process of powerful Word-saturated prayer in response to a daily Bible reading. In turn, you will better understand how devotional reading and prayer are central to a stronger relationship with God.

And now, my review:

I enjoy devotionals, especially if they’re set apart in some way. The pages of this book are soft and the edges aren’t smooth—they’re rough cut and jagged, but soft. I love that! The well-designed cover folds over to use as a bookmark for a while. All of these make the experience more enjoyable.

Let’s talk about content. In the opening pages, Beth gives an outline for a prayer model one can use throughout the book. Then, the end of each chapter offers lined space for personal journal entries. I used my own journal as I may want to share the book later and wouldn’t want to write in it, but it’s a convenient option, if one wishes.

I respect Beth’s approach. That, just like in her teaching style, she doesn’t sugarcoat her devotionals. One of her first devos was on rebellion (the tower of Babel). I appreciate her candor. The Scriptures she included were a thought-provoking launching spot. I didn’t follow her prayer model because I don’t believe in formulaic prayer. I’d rather just commune with God.

Hope. Who couldn’t use more hope in their lives? Folks who've done Beth's studies will appreciate her style here. If you're looking for a good devotional, check this one out!

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