Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Mistress of Tall Acre by Laura Frantz

I enjoy Laura’s writing, so I was excited to read this title for review. 

As always, let’s begin with the summary:

A marriage of convenience. She is in love with someone else. He has no wish to love again. What could possibly go wrong? In the aftermath of the American Revolution a destitute young woman agrees to a marriage of convenience and becomes Mistress of Tall Acre. But when secrets from her husband's past are revealed, loyalties and ties are torn asunder.

And now, my review:

I really enjoyed this tender story.  I like marriage-of-convenience stories. The heroine was a strong character, who bravely faced her problems. I both respected and sympathized with her. I wanted her circumstances to improve. The hero has a few mixed-up priorities. But those can be reordered. He also knows his wife is in love with someone else. Still, he’s determined to help her. Rather noble.

There’s mention of “too much loss” in the story. I believe readers will relate with the struggles, responses, and pain of these realistic characters, even if they haven’t suffered similar trials.  I liked how our hero didn’t look down on the heroine and our heroine wasn’t put off by the hero’s wounds, which again speaks to their strengths.

And though there were realistic problems, I didn’t find the story heavy. I enjoy the author’s voice and storytelling. Laura is a pro at writing in this time period. She's done her research, and you know you’re in good hands. I’m always glad I’m reading on my Kindle because I can easily press a word for a definition, though, sometimes the dictionary can’t even help. :)

Happy reading, friends!

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