Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Fun News!

Finding Love on Whidbey Island: New Release

So many fun things are happening this month, and I know we're only five days in! First, on March 1, the third book in my Washington Island Romance series released! It's called Finding Love on Whidbey Island, Washington, and is a stand-alone, meaning if you haven't read the others in the series, no worries. You won't be lost. Here's a bit more about the story: 

Could what drove them apart be what draws them back together?

Liberty Winfield lives with loss every day. She’d rather leave her history behind her, but when faced with moving back to her hometown, the past becomes unavoidable. She takes a job at the florist shop owned by her ex-boyfriend’s family from a decade ago. Now he’s unavoidable.

Clay Garrison knows the pain of ruing his mistakes. Most of his regrets center around Liberty. If he could undo his poor choices, he would. Liberty is back. He has one more chance to make things right. She doesn’t believe anyone could love her unconditionally, so he sets out to prove her wrong. He must also try to right the biggest wrong of their past, knowing that in doing so, he could lose her forever.

Will addressing the past together help them find love?


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Finding Love on Bainbridge Island is a Selah Finalist for 2019
Then, as that book released, same day, I received word that my novel, Finding Love on Bainbridge Island, Washington, was a finalist in the Selah Contest! How thrilling! I love this book about father-son estrangement and overcoming the past. You'll find a sweet romantic thread as well. Here's a bit more about that book: 

Neither of them is ready for a relationship, but love may not give them an out.

Jenna-Shea Brown considers herself a broken therapist. Years ago, she witnessed something that caused PTSD. She can’t let her boss or her patients know about her battle. Who would want to trust her to help them, when she can’t help herself? She’s finally able to find a fresh start in her family’s beach cabin, but the renovations aren’t complete. Her parents have hired her ex-boyfriend to finalize them, but his negligence led to her being in the wrong place at the wrong time all those years ago.

Liam Barrett is trying to prove he’s nothing like his deadbeat dad. He’s working hard, yet still failing. Adrenaline and adventure offer him a diversion, but maybe he can’t escape his genes. He’d like to make things right with Shea, but he’s unsure if she’ll forgive him. Meanwhile, he’s challenged to forgive his father. He’s also worried about Shea and all these episodes she won’t explain. Now that they’re back in close proximity, he’s falling for her again. But can anything heal the past?

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Washington Island Series

Then, we put my Friday Harbor novel up for free for a few days to celebrate the release of my Whidbey novel. (Is anyone getting dizzy yet?) Here's more info and a link to the whole series. Right now (as of this posting), you can pick up the whole series in e-book format for around $8.00 USD. 

Grab your free copy today before the sale ends! Here's more about the book:

Finding Love in Friday Harbor, Washington

Will keeping his promise lead to another broken heart—or help them find love again?

Professor Mikaela Rhoades has a plan: she’ll encourage her students’ marine biology research through an exclusive program while helping an old family friend’s whale touring business stay afloat. The challenge is the tour captain is her first love and ex-fiancĂ©. Mikaela longs to help his family in the wake of his father’s death, but she’s keeping secrets. She’ll have to face her past and overcome her concerns about the future to make it through the summer. 

Captain Hunter Cahill has taken over the family touring business after his father’s death. Unfortunately, he’s drowning in grief and debt. He’s hoping the incoming stodgy professor will help resurrect the failing business, but he’s not prepared when that professor turns out to be Mikaela, his former fiancĂ©e. To make matters more difficult, he’d promised his father to pursue her if she ever returned to the island single. The more time they spend together, the easier it is to keep that promise, though she still plans to leave at the end of the season. How much will it cost him to spend the summer romancing Mikaela?

Finding Love in Friday Harbor, Washington free for a limited time

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Meanwhile, the I Choose You boxed set is still on sale for $0.99 (99 cents) for seven full-length novels! My Friday Harbor novel is included. Chances are you'll meet new authors by picking up this set, and you can't beat that value. All contemporary Christian romance fiction. Check it out!

I Choose You: boxed set

I hope you get a chance to check out all this great fiction and happy reading!