Monday, March 23, 2009

Update on Inside...Out Workbook by Susan May Warren

Last month, I featured Susan May Warren and her fellow Book Therapy folks. Since then, I've ordered and received her workbook for writers: "From the Inside...Out: Discover, Create and Publish the Novel in You."

I'm rewriting one of my novels, and this workbook has been a great help. Now, admittedly, some of Susan's info (esp. early in the workbook) was familiar. But then she gets to her secret for characterization, and I'm telling you it's beyond helpful! We'll know tonight if my critique partners would agree, but I've incorporated some of Susan's secrets into the project and wow, what a difference.

So, thanks, Susan for a fantastic tool. (And Rachel Hauck, too, though I haven't gotten to the parts where Rachel contributed yet. :) Rachel rocks, though, so I'm excited to get there.)

Since I featured the workbook here, I wanted to let you writers know that it's worth picking up! I ordered the printed version. (You can go e-book for $14.95 or printed form for $24.95.) I'm using a notebook with it so I can reuse her tips on different projects. I've read plenty of "craft" books; this one takes a different approach, and it's working for me. And if you're a fan of Susan's fiction, and you're a writer, I think you'll really profit from this book.

There you have it--an impromptu, unofficial review of "From the Inside...Out: Discover, Create and Publish the Novel In You."

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