Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Gift of Psalms: Devotional Wisdom from 50 of the Best Loved Psalms

Devotions. Scripture. Psalms and CDs. Voice talent like: Gary Sinise, Malcolm MacDowell, Richard Dreyfuss, Joan Allen, Jason Alexander, Harry Hamlin and Jesse McCartney read the full Psalm. Then, a devotional is read by the narrator. The presentation is for the most part, peaceful. The book contains portions of some of the highlighted Psalms as well as the entire devotional there on the page. The physical package is nice with a padded book (think journal) and glossy pages. Very classy--gift book presentation. Three CDs are tucked into the back cover.

I found the devotionals timely often and enjoyed the comforting nature of the vocal presentation, especially the narration. Some of my personal favorites were included: Psalm 18, 90, 103 and 149. This book/CD combo would make a nice gift.

Some cons: overdone vocal presentation (at times) and poorly edited copy. If you can overlook that, you’ve got yourself a fine devotional help.

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