Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Menu for Romance by Kaye Dacus

I so enjoyed Kaye's first book, "Stand-in Groom" that I was thrilled to volunteer to read her second book for review: "Menu for Romance." Once again, her characters were rich. She portrayed their professions as if she herself has served either as a chef somewhere or an event planner. But of course characters' careers are not why readers read romance, and Kaye nailed that, too. With believable conflict and surprise twists, she brought together an enjoyable journey for us romance lovers.

Kaye brings a deep sense of longing for a lifetime love to her work. You see the theme in both novels in her "Brides of Bonneterre" series so far. What makes this so rich is the obvious heart she packs into her stories. As in her prose, characterization, emotion, romance, she took no shortcuts with this aspect. Great writing contains that kind of honest heart, and Kaye accomplishes it every time.

Great read. I highly recommend it!

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