Monday, September 21, 2009


Gail Sattler, Dawn Kinzer, myself and Evelyn Ray
(from ACFW conference, last year)

Hey everyone,

Conference was fantastic!! Denver is beautiful, what we saw of it, which wasn't much since we spent days inside the beautiful hotel. :-) The wonderful writers who attended filled the place with love and kindness. God's presence poured out in so many directions as we fellowshiped, took classes together and worshiped as one.

Donald Maass presented a workshop at the beginning of conference. His class was very helpful to both myself and the many writers I talked with about it afterwards. Eye-opening. I came home inspired to work on the nuggets his workshop brought to the surface.

Katie Ganshert attended and it was fun to see her since she's been on Seriously Write, the blog I cohost with Dawn Kinzer. I knew I should know her face! So, when I caught a glimpse of her name badge it hit--she's the one visiting SW on Mondays. Fun!

Got to hug Julie Lessman, Janice Thompson, Rachel Hauck, Susan May Warren, Denise Hunter, Gail Sattler (who travels with us), Betsy St. Amant with her hubby Brandon, and so many others. Rachel Hauck won the Book of the Year for "Sweet Caroline." Julie Lessman won in the debut category for "A Passion Most Pure." Sharon Hinck won for both "The Restorer's Journey" and "Stepping into Sunlight"! All of these authors have visited Net's Book Notes and are friends, so it was such a joy for them to win! What a pleasure to connect with writers I haven't seen in a year and to make new friends, as well. Rene Gutteridge taught on screenwriting and graciously signed my copy of her new book "Never the Bride." Sandie Bricker's beautiful smiling face blessed me often as I kept running into her. She visted a while ago for her book "Love Finds You in Snowball, Arkansas" her very successful romantic comedy--the book which launched the Summerside LFY line. She's also guested at Seriously Write.

It occurred to me this year again that I go to these writers' conferences as a writer, sure, but so much of my enjoyment is as a fan, as well! I run around the booksigning taking pics and asking for signatures. I shoot pics of the bookstore tables, heavily laden with delicious Christian fiction.

When I get a chance I'll post a few pictures. (The pic above is from last year's conference banquet, hope you don't mind. :-)

My To Be Read (TBR) pile doubled, so check back to see reviews of more great Christian fiction coming soon.

Check out the ACFW Conference blog for photos and news! New ACFW member Ted Dekker dropped by to greet fellow members. There's a great picture of him with our AWESOME prez Cynthia Ruchti and marketing specialist Jim Rubart.

Happy reading!!

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