Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sweetwater Gap by Denise Hunter

Today I’m featuring Denise Hunter’s Sweetwater Gap, a Women of Faith title.

Here is the back cover copy:

A story of love and second chances. She wished she could go back and change things . . . but life doesn't give do-overs. Could anything but good-byes be waiting on the other side of Sweetwater Gap?

Josie Mitchell's sister Laurel thinks she's come home to pitch in with the apple harvest and save the family orchard. Her brother-in-law Nate thinks she's there to talk the overworked, very pregnant Laurel into finally selling the family business. The orchard's new manager Grady Mackenzie just thinks she's trouble with a capital T. They're all right . . . and all wrong. Because no one really knows what drove Josie from home in the first place. Why she's never come home before, even for her own father's funeral. Why she pushes herself so hard . . . and what she's running from. And nobody, not even Josie, is prepared for the surprising new fruit she'll find on her last trip home.

And now, my review:

Who doesn’t wish they could go back and fix something from their past? But if we could go back, would we have the courage to face the truth?

Josie is faced with returning to her home after avoiding the orchard for years. But for her sister, she’ll return. Now she has to face her past as well as the negative consequences of her beliefs about the past. She has a choice—to put the past to rest and embrace life, or give up on life because her past was so painful (for which she blames herself).

Denise’s stories always draw me in. She is a gifted story-teller. Her books prompt soul-searching, which is a key element of good Christian fiction. Readers put themselves in the shoes of her heroine and ask themselves tough questions: would I have the courage to face the situation? Have I truly embraced life? Those are two of the questions I asked myself while reading Sweetwater Gap.

I highly recommend Sweetwater Gap. This story will minister to you.

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