Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sweet Waters by Julie Carobini

It's January, but I would love to be magically transported to the location on the cover of Julie Carobini's recent novel Sweet Waters.

Here's the back cover copy:

There’s nothing left for Tara Sweet in landlocked Dexton, Missouri. Her fiancĂ© called off their wedding, her sister is moving to Manhattan, and now her mother is marrying a much younger man with plans for a yearlong honeymoon in Europe. Tara believes a move back to her childhood home of Otter Bay, California, will help restore the fun and fearlessness she’s already missing in her twenties. Playing back memories of idyllic times spent there with her father along the majestic coast, a fairytale seems just around the corner.

Better make that a soap opera. After Tara finds a job in Otter Bay, makes friends at The Red Abalone Grill, and perhaps even a new flame in firefighter Josh, she begins to uncover shocking secrets about why her family left this heaven on earth all those years ago. And though she will have to question everything she has ever known, the faith that Tara must depend upon will be sweeter than ever before.

And now, my review:

What can I say about Julie’s self-coined genre, Beach Lit? I love it! Love the settings. Here near Seattle, there are water people and there are mountain people. I’m a water person.

Lots of secrets hide from the heroine of Sweet Waters. The story unfolds her family’s mysterious history, keeping the reader involved. But I did feel the plot moved slow enough I read a couple of novels between beginning and finishing this one.

That said, I believe readers will relate with Julie’s characters’ family dynamics and her heroine’s need to know.

Throwing in that thread of romance doesn’t hurt. Though, perhaps, it that thread were stronger, readers might enjoy the novel more; the plot may have moved along more quickly.

If you enjoy beach settings, romance and a mostly light read, you’ll enjoy Sweet Waters.

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