Sunday, May 30, 2010

Present Perfect by Gregory A. Boyd

I don't often review non-fiction, though I do read it. I couldn't resist this one.

Here is the summary:

Finding God's presence in everyday moments is fundamental to every Christian's life---but is often a constant source of struggle. As a fellow pilgrim on the journey, Boyd offers practical suggestions for instilling God into daily living and insights from classical spiritual leaders including Brother Lawrence, Jean-Pierre de Caussade, and others. 166 pages, softcover from Zondervan.

And now, my review:

Are you awake?

With those words I am launched back to the years when I read Brother Lawrence’s book “Practicing the Presence.” A phenomenal concept—staying in tune with God every conscious moment. I like how Boyd is genuine, real about how challenging this goal can be. I could relate with his efforts. I also appreciated his wisdom. Because experiencing the presence of God isn’t about yesterday or tomorrow. It’s about the now.

Are you awake?

He ties this idea into surrendering our lives to God. You can’t actively give God your past in the sense of going back there and giving it to Him. But you can give Him your life, your decisions, your plans, your heart in this moment. Now. What an eye-opening concept.

So, I’m going to move forward with this concept and hang onto the lessons of this insightful book, continue giving myself grace as I strive to practice remaining aware of God’s nearness in the present moment. It’s really all about God and His goodness and enjoying the relationship He died to give us—one of love with Him.

I hope you’ll read a copy. Highly recommended.

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