Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Perfect Blend by Trish Perry

Don’tcha just love a good romantic comedy??

Trish’s characters are fun and her story well-crafted. This is a light read—playful and romantic. And at times, laugh-out-loud funny.

The teashop setting is delightful. What’s not to love about teas, scones and a quaint little shop of quirky characters?

Steph left everything to elope with Rick. But when she arrives in town to meet up with him, he has bailed. She breaks down directly across from Millicent’s Tea Shop. And Milly comes to the rescue. She can offer the town’s newest resident a temporary job, enough to get her started on her new life. And Milly happens to know a couple of young women who are looking for a roommate. Pretty soon, Steph is set. For now. She still needs a more permanent job. And then there’s that void in her love life.

Enter Kendall—handsome owner of the Fox and Hounds inn. But Steph isn’t in a position to consider a new relationship after being jilted. And just to mix it all up, Rick comes back.

No surprise to me, (I've loved her earlier books) Trish’s latest novel is a delight. Lovers of romance, tea and comedy will enjoy this cheery ready. I'm looking forward to more books in The Tea Shop Series.

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