Monday, May 30, 2011

The Reluctant Prophet by Nancy Rue

This challenging book is a great read, and a great ride!

Let's begin with the summary:

At age forty-two, Allison Chamberlain is still making a half-hearted attempt to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up. Although she has been a pew-sitting member of a church for seven years, “prophet” has never been on the short list of possible careers.

Then one Sunday Allison senses a divine nudge to buy a Harley motorcycle and go wherever it takes her. Soon she is wondering if she is called to present the reality of Christ to one of society’s darkest corners—and challenge her own church to look beyond their fears.

The first in a brave trilogy from seasoned writer Nancy Rue, The Reluctant Prophet shows how one person’s response to God’s call can change a community forever.

And now, my review:

Nancy Rue has a way with words. And storytelling. And pacing. And characterization. Written first-person, past tense, this story grabs you from the first words. You’re immersed in the story as if you’re the heroine. But as the reader, you’re wondering where the Lord is going to “Nudge” our heroine, how the down-and-out are going to respond, and how the other Christians are going to react.

You’ll cheer our heroine on as she takes on the judgmental Christians around her while helping the lost and destitute. The storyline made me glad for our church’s vision of going outside the four walls of the church. But I was still challenged. Would you buy a Harley, learn to operate it, then cruise around the worst neighborhood in your city?

God’s nudges were a great aspect of this tale. He absolutely directs us. He made our heroine aware of His directives, and she learned to heed Him. He gave her courage, boldness. She lived like Jesus, setting an example while setting up a “mirror.” No one liked the transformation, at first. She battled onslaughts from every side, even the Christians. Her battles and hardships were true-to-life that though God’s way isn’t easy, it’s worth pursuing.

This novel doesn’t leave you untouched. Rather, it challenges your beliefs about serving others,
taking risks, reaching out, and what you do with God’s nudges. The author was brave to begin this series and readers are brave to ride along.

My only disappointment is that Book Two in the Reluctant Prophet Series (Unexpected Dismounts) doesn’t come out until October. I’ll be waiting. Expectantly.

Highly recommended.

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