Saturday, June 11, 2011

Stephen Bly

I logged on to our library’s website today and put two books on hold. Westerns. Not my usual read. Why? In honor of a kind man and author, Stephen Bly, who passed away this week while battling cancer.

I’d only interacted with him occasionally, and always online. He and his wonderful wife Janet Chester Bly were always so gracious, and kind.

The e-loops I belong to, the Facebook pages, are all burning up with expressions of love and mourning for this great man. No matter what we're called to do, that’s the kind of legacy we want to leave behinda legacy that goes beyond our calling to the type of person we are were.

See you on the other side, Stephen. You are missed.


  1. One of the ways that we can show our support to Janet during this time is to purchase one of Stephen's books. His latest is called, "Throw the Devil off the Train," and there are many, many others as well, like the ones shown here.

    Hugs, dear readers.

  2. Thanks for your kind words. Steve was truly a man who lived his life in all areas as God would have him do. You are right...there is no better legacy. Steve was my brother-in-law and the man the world saw was the man we as family saw. Can't ask for more. Blessings, Connie Sue

  3. Hi Connie, thanks for leaving a comment here. I always enjoyed my interactions with your brother-in-law. Very kind, respectful (a rare trait in the world these days). Praying for you and your family. In His love, Annette