Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Letters -- a Valentine's Read

Looking for a romantic Valentine's Day read? Perhaps you'd like to read a romance built around a married couple. Check out this $1.00 e-book!

Randy Ambrose has penned scores of love letters to his wife, but she's never seen them. He fears she won't receive his affections, and her rejection would destroy their marriage. He also fears strong emotions, including passion. For ten years, he has kept his heart hidden. Jordan Ambrose is trying to pretend Randy's emotional distance doesn't hurt. She has erected walls to protect her heart. When she finds a box of ardent letters written from R to J, she hopes they're to her. Randy has some explaining to do, and their tenth wedding anniversary is right around the corner. Can he rescue his marriage by taking an unprecedented risk and making a crucial confession? 

I love reading books on my Kindle. Love Letters is an e-book novella with a great price: $1.00 (down from $4.50). Here's what Julie Lessman had to say about this story:

First class romance: As a lover of romance, nothing is more romantic to me than a love story between two people married to each other. And in her tender and touching novella Love Letters, Annette Irby fans the embers of Randy and Jordan Ambrose's lukewarm marriage into a flame that's sure to keep the home fires burning for a long time to come. With easy prose, natural dialogue and a plot certain to resonate with romance lovers married or not, Love Letters is a poignant glimpse into a marriage rekindled and hearts restored. A beautiful story!

Check out other reviews here. Find Love Letters on Amazon here (and via the link below). Happy reading!

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