Saturday, March 31, 2012

From Ashes to Honor by Loree Lough

Ever since I read her book Maverick Heart, I’ve been a Loree Lough fan. She writes historicals and contemporaries. From Ashes to Honor is a contemporary story.

Her characters are believable, the plot impactful and unusual. I like how the author didn’t shy away from a tough topic like 9/11 and its aftermath or the heartbreak for those who knew any of the victims personally. The hero’s brother died in NYC that day. I really felt for him as I well remember the news coverage that morning.

This story was outside the box in a few different ways. One I can share, the other I won’t, except to say some of this story’s question marks are addressed in Book Two of this series. So, one outside-the-box element was that the characters stayed unchaperoned in the same house overnight, often. Now, Loree keeps things wholesome and I certainly didn’t mind. But it’s a bit unusual so it stood out. Kudos to Abingdon (the publisher).

This story held my interest the entire time with great pacing. This story (and series) is a tribute to the heroes and heroines of that painful day. I liked the focus on psychology. Dr. Mercy Samara is a therapist who’s helping the hero through the months following 9/11. The author did a great job of including this element, allowing us to see behind the scenes of healing.

The secondary characters added a lot of soul to the story. I would have liked to “see” (in regards to the other characters interacting directly with) one specific character after her miracle, but the author remained focused on the heroine’s faith (or lack thereof) and that made sense.

I’m reading book two in this series right now. Very enjoyable! Keep watching Net’s Book Notes for my review of Honor Redeemed.

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