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Betrayal by Robin Lee Hatcher

Betrayal by Robin Lee Hatcher
Betrayal is book two in the Where the Heart Lives series by Robin Lee Hatcher.

Let’s begin with the summary:

It's the turn of the twentieth century and drifter Hugh Brennan is a man well acquainted with betrayal. Hugh finds himself drawn to the attractive widow, Julia, yet when he looks into her eyes, he recognizes the same hurt that haunts him. Julia Grace has little reason to trust men, but she's going to have to trust someone if she's to keep her ranch from the clutches of her dead husband's half-brother. Is it possible God had a hand in bringing Hugh to her door?

And now, my review:

This was a gentle love story. Before I read the novel, I saw someone's mention about it being a tender love story, and I'd agree. The tender-hearted hero isn't an actual cowboy at the beginning of the story, which is unusual. Normally, the hero is a self-assured capable ranch hand. Not here, and I liked that originality! He's new to ranching, but willing to help nonetheless.

I liked the shorter length of this novel—just perfect.

Now, let's dig into the characters. These two have both been through so much. He'd been imprisoned, though we know he's a "good guy," from the deep point of view the author gives us. She suffered a painful marriage. They can't see themselves together for various reasons, so they fight their attraction for a long time.

For such a quick read, I was surprised we visited other POVs beyond our main hero and heroine. A bit distracting. I'd have preferred to dig deeper into the main characters' layers instead. I liked the grace theme, including the heroine's name. I liked the twists and turns, especially near the end.

At the back of the book, the publisher included an excerpt from Book Three, Betrayal. I'm already hooked!

Readers who like historicals, and/or cowboy stories, will enjoy this novel!

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