Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Everlasting Light: A Civil War novella by Andrea Boeshaar

Everlasting Light

Sometimes novellas are the perfect length for a reader’s busy schedule. This one was a just-right read recently.

Let’s begin with the summary:

Travel back in history and discover how acts of faith, love, and kindness between the young lovers in this novella establish blessings that will be passed along to generations to come.

Fresh, vibrant character thrown into impossible circumstances, who demonstrate genuine, heartfelt emotions. This is a passionate, masterfully woven romance that will cause your heart to sing as you shed a few tears.

And now, my review:

The heroine, Alaina, longs for her husband to reappear. He went to war and hasn’t come back, and there hasn’t been any confirmation of his death. She’s holding out hope. As readers wait and wonder what will happen, the author deftly takes us into satisfying flashbacks that depict earlier times and keep the romance  moving. This kept the pacing steady and wasn’t confusing as we bounced back and forth. 

I’m fascinated by the undercurrents during the Civil War. This was no cut-and-dried war. And neither side’s methods were perfectly noble. Our heroine is a Southerner who wonders if God sympathizes with the North. All around her, many have lost their homes in the aftermath of the soldiers burning through the region. She honors the black man in their lives, even considering his advice. This story confronts some stereotypes, demonstrating depth and complex layers.

Andrea is an experienced and adept author whose strong prose and pacing kept me flipping screens. Great read!



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