Tuesday, May 13, 2014

With Autumn's Return by Amanda Cabot

With Autumn's Returnhttp://amzn.to/1jriwvr

This is book three in the Westward Winds series.

Let’s begin with the summary:

Elizabeth Harding arrives in Cheyenne, Wyoming, to establish her medical practice thanks to the wooing of her two older sisters who extolled the beauty of the land. She's certain she'll have a line of patients eager for her expertise and gentle bedside manner. However, she soon discovers the town and its older doctor may not welcome a new physician. Even more frustrating, the handsome young attorney next door may not be ready for the idea of a woman doctor. For his part, Jason Nordling has nothing against women, but he's promised himself that the woman he marries will be a full-time mother.

Despite their firm principles, Elizabeth and Jason find that mutual attraction—and disdain from the community—is drawing them ever closer. And when the two find themselves working to save the life and tattered reputation of a local woman, they'll have to decide how far they're willing to go to find justice—and true love.

And now, my review:

The hook for me in this historical was the lady doctor. The author did a great job giving us a heroine who was competent, eloquent, and sharp. In her time, 1887, she held a mirror up for others to see their double standard and belligerence. She withstood multiple pressures, whether in social situations (where she was a novelty), arguments (where people tried to tell her she couldn’t be what she felt called to be), and medical emergencies. That kind of strength makes a great heroine. She was also kind to her roommate, and her kindness rounded out her personality.

Amanda gave us an ensemble cast, with folks we had seen in earlier books in this series, like Gwen and others. Because of this, we get to watch two romances grow. She even gave us their perspective for a scene or two. Multiple POV isn’t easy do, but Amanda kept the pace and tension strong. I enjoyed watching Jason and Elizabeth grow closer together.  

I enjoyed this series, with its endearing characters. Though one probably wouldn’t have to begin with book one, in order to have the benefit of their journeys, I recommend it. The other titles are Summer of Promise and Waiting for Spring. Perhaps this series will contain four titles, with a winter focus too? I’ll be watching for it.

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