Saturday, December 27, 2014

Cover Reveal: Her Nerdy Cowboy!

COVER REVEAL: Her Nerdy Cowboy 

Release date: January 1, 2015

Tag line: Two bookish heroes step in to help a new widowhe'll play cowboy; she'll be the nanny. They're falling for each other, but how can they be together if their separate lives wait for them back in Seattle?

Her Nerdy Cowboy
Hey everyone! I'm excited to share the cover of my next book with you. Do you recall a post earlier this year about a new book contract? That book, Her Nerdy Cowboy, comes out New Year’s Day. I’m so excited! It’s a short story, e-book, available for $1.00 or $0.99 download (depending on where you buy it). Contemporary, Christian romance. It’s a light, fun read I hope you'll enjoy.

Here's the blurb:

Whoever heard of a bookish cowboy? When Logan McDaniel’s brother-in-law dies, he steps in to help his beloved sister run her ranch. But what does a city boy know of herding cattle? Claire Langley loved her cousin. After he dies, she agrees to serve as a temporary nanny for two heartbroken children. Claire and Logan find they share a love of books, and Claire can’t resist the nerdy uncle who is great with children, and who reads to her of pirate romance. Claire’s ailing mother needs her in Seattle. Can she break away? And if she does, can there ever be a future for Logan and her?

You can pick up a copy for your e-reader on January 1st. :) And if you like it, please leave a review either at White Rose or Amazon, if you would. Thanks!

Either way, read on, friends!