Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Book Review: How to Catch a Prince by Rachel Hauck

How to Catch a Prince

It's release day for the final book in Rachel's great Royal Wedding series. Loved this series! (Once Upon a Prince, and Princess Ever After were the two earlier novels).

Let's begin with the summary for How to Catch a Prince:

An American heiress and a crown prince seem destined to be together. Will the devastation of war keep them apart forever?

American heiress Corina Del Rey caught her prince once. But the tragedy of war kept her too long in a fog of grief. Now she’s shifting her life forward, reigniting her career as a journalist. Still, nothing can relieve her of the secret and the love she carries in her soul. 

Prince Stephen of Brighton is one of the world’s most eligible bachelors and a star rugby player, trying to make sense of his life. His days in Afghanistan with the Royal Air Command will mark him forever. And he can’t shake their dark shadow.

But when his brother, King Nathaniel, confronts him with a document the prince thought long buried and forgotten, Stephen is forced to face the pain of his past and the love he left behind. 

With a little heavenly help, Prince Stephen and Corina embark on a journey of truth. But when the secrets are revealed, can they overcome, move forward, and find love again? 
And now, my review:

This story takes us back to the kingdom of Brighton—a beloved place, at least to this reader.
The story was unpredictable in many ways. Here are two people, married to each other, will they reconcile? Will they reunite? 

As with other Rachel Hauck novels, there were great supernatural elements. I like how creative she is with these and love that she includes them. She also includes the messages of God’s love and generosity. That theme—the way He prepared a place for the heroine in this story—really spoke to me because it was both personal and supernatural. And extravagant—fit for a princess. The beautiful picture of a humble and wealthy king blessing the object of his affections.

One of the themes is “love well.” I like how Rachel makes us think about this directive and try to interpret and define it for ourselves, (at least I did), as we read. 

Rachel wasn’t afraid to include real issues, like PTSD and problems faced by survivors. I thought those issues were well-handled. 

This wasn’t a rags-to-riches story, yet folks who’ve never had millions will relate. These characters were flawed, yet respectable. I was annoyed a couple of times with the prince as he lost the heroine in the crowd. Not so noble. But he was likable otherwise, so I forgave him. (grin)

Took me a while to get into this story since they were already married (sort of a reverse romance), and their attraction didn’t quite keep me hooked as it seemed too one-sided. But I think there’s a message in that too, as God’s pursuit and unconditional love for us can be all One-sided (in His favor) as it was in the heroine’s here. And once I was hooked I read through.  

I love Rachel’s books and look forward to her next novel!

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