Friday, April 8, 2016

Like Never Before by Melissa Tagg

Like Never Before by Melissa Tagg
Let’s begin with the summary:

A dying newspaper. An intriguing mystery. And a love they didn't see coming.

Maple Valley became Amelia Bentley's haven after her heart and her dreams of a family were shattered. But her new life as a newspaper editor is shaken when the small-town paper is in danger of closing. Her one hope: a lead on an intriguing story that just might impress the new publisher...if only she knew who he was.

After his biggest campaign success to date, widowed speechwriter Logan Walker now has the chance of a lifetime—a spot on a presidential campaign. But his plans are interrupted when he finds out he has inherited his hometown newspaper. He travels home intent on selling the paper and spending some much-needed time with his young daughter before making the leap into national politics.

But instead of a quick sale and peaceful break from his hectic career, Logan finds himself helping Amelia chase her story. She's scrappy, but wounded. He's dependable, but lost. They may butt heads more than expected, but a series of leads on Maple Valley's quirky unsolved mystery is just the start of the sparks that fly in the office and in their hearts.

And now, my review:

The setting descriptions were very strong and helped immerse me into the scenes. The conflict between the hero and heroine is built-in, complicating both of their lives. It was fun, since I was reading part of this book while visiting a town called Maple Valley, to find the same name in this novel and series.

Unfortunately, I found I didn’t care as much about the main characters as I wanted to. So, I gave up at about one-third of the way into the story.  Because of this, I have very few notes from which to write a longer review.

Though this book wasn’t for me, I wish this author all the best.

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