Monday, November 16, 2020

A Match Made at Christmas by Courtney Walsh

A Match Made at Christmas by Courtney Walsh

Just look at that yummy cover! 

Okay, let’s check out the summary:

Hayes McGuire never believed the stories about a famous Nantucket matchmaker until she ropes him into taking over her duties while she's off the island for Christmas.

So he enlists the help of the one person he can trust with this crazy scheme—his best friend, Prudence. Armed with a series of rules, a book of success stories and the promise of Christmas magic, the pair of old friends sets out to make a Christmas match.

Little do they know that magic doesn’t discriminate, and they soon find their years of friendship deepening into something more. Will Pru and Hayes ignore the electricity in the air between them, or will there be more than one match made at Christmas?

A Match Made at Christmas is a stand-alone holiday novella.

And now, my review:

Loved the setup with this one—a male matchmaker! Ha! The characters are fun and quirky, and this stand-alone novella was the perfect, light read during the holidays. It reads fast, yet I savored it while highlighting a lot of passages. 

These two have to team up as he hasn't a clue how to be a matchmaker. He's hoping she'll help. What a fun way to force them to have to spend a lot of time together with a romantic goal.

Oh, I love a good pining story. The heroine pines for the hero, but he doesn’t seem to know it. Meanwhile, we get to spend time in his POV, which is a benefit of this story’s third-person, dual POV narrative. He projects a certain persona that isn’t quite honest. I loved seeing his vulnerable side, and watching his character grow. Wanting to discover his secret was one element that kept me reading. It wasn’t too heavy.

There were several moments of delicious banter, romance, and delightful humor.

I loved this story and will definitely track down more of Courtney’s books.

Highly recommended!

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