Thursday, November 11, 2021

Christmas in a Snowstorm by Lois Richer


Christmas in a Snowstorm

I love reading Christmas books in November and December. This Love Inspired Inspirational Romance released in December 2020. Christmas in a Snowstorm is book three in the Calhoun Cowboys series by Lois Richer.

Let’s begin with the summary:

Can they weather the holidays together?

Will love turn home for Christmas into home for good?

Returning home to his Montana family ranch, journalist Sam Calhoun volunteers to run the local Christmas festival. But as a snowstorm drives him closer to Joy Grainger—the single mom helping him with the project—the last thing he expects is for her children to decide he should be their new dad. Can Sam earn Joy’s trust in time to make all their Christmas wishes come true?

And now, my review:

What a setting! The author immerses readers into a delightful winter wonderland, right from the beginning. We have a blizzard, close to Christmas, and we might get snowed in. There’s something magical about this type of setting: quiet, peaceful (if you’re in a safe place), and hopefully, warm. Add a dash of romance and a strong faith thread, and we have the recipe for a feel-good holiday read.

I was hooked from the opening pages.

The hero feels out of place, like he doesn’t quite belong now that he’s back home. Readers will sympathize and perhaps relate with his longing for acceptance. I also liked that he had a secret we would learn later. The author does a great job of contrasting people's opinions and the truth of this character's nobility. We respect him, even before we learn of his past mysterious choice.

The heroine has a slew of dreams. Though I can relate to having a laundry list of aspirations, I couldn’t connect with her at the beginning of the story. She seemed two-dimensional. She had hopes, but no substance, no relatable mothering instinct in that opening scene. But I liked how driven she was, and I liked watching her receive help and provision right away.

I enjoyed the bakery at Christmas element. Yum. Overall, that sweet Christmas feeling came through.

Unfortunately, I found some grammatical issues in this published book. The story momentum sagged at one point, and I stopped reading in favor of the next book in my to-be-read pile.

Though this novel wasn’t for me, it’s definitely a Christmassy read for relaxing indoors on wintry nights.

I never felt lost even though I hadn’t read the earlier books in this series. Brava to the author! I wish the author and publisher all the best.

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