Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We Have This Moment by Diann Hunt

Recently I heard of a delightful read, got my hands on a copy, and dove in. Here's the back cover copy for Diann Hunt's "We Have This Moment," a Grace Chapel Inn book:

Autumn is a beautiful time in Acorn Hill-and a busy time at Grace Chapel Inn. Love begins to blossom when one of Alice's patients reunites with a long-lost love who just happens to be one of the inn's guests. Will these high school sweethearts get a second chance at love? Jane is occupied with a secret project and her suspicious packages and frequent trips to neighboring Potterson keep her sisters guessing. Meanwhile, Louise, with the help of a very special little girl, helps a worn-out teacher discover her true calling in life and Lloyd goes to great lengths to get a special gift for aunt Ethel. Preparations for a harvest party, complete with pumpkins, cider, and a hayride, make the season festive and remind the Howard sisters to appreciate every moment they have together.

Isn’t that a homey cover? If you’ve read my reviews before, you know covers are important to me. Diann’s story is just as cozy inside as this cover portrays. With simplistic style, Diann takes us into a warm inn run by three biological sisters who look out for each other and minister to those around them. You’ll feel included as they settle in for tea or as they arrange get-togethers for the other characters (in their quaint town) or guest. the other elements beyond this familial one is that of a romance between two old flames. Personally, I would have liked for this relationship to have moved faster or that we could (as readers) have spent more time in those characters’ heads as their reuniting and rekindling occurred. But this novel centered on the sisters, and their cozy acceptance is enough escape for some readers. The book didn’t proclaim itself as a romance; it is what it claims to be—a lovely, homey, entertaining read. Some books set out to be edgy. Not this one. And though this reviewer appreciates edgy elements, I found this book charming and entertaining. Diann has penned a simple and sweet story, perfect for curling up by the fire on a chilly autumn evening.

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