Thursday, November 13, 2008

Writing Career

We're still holding our contest until tomorrow for a chance to win Sharlene MacLaren's book. Leave a comment on the post for "Hannah Grace" for a chance to win.

Until then, here are my thoughts this morning...

Yesterday I was listening to teaching MP3s from the September ACFW conference. I took notes as fast as I could type. And every now and then the phrase a teacher said stood out and I wanted to remember especially that sentence. So, I highlighted the words and clicked on a different font color, then bolded it, too. That way I can open the file later and immediately mine those nuggets any time I want.

A lot of the teaching yesterday wasn't about writing craft as much as it was about writing careers. There were tips from seasoned pros in the business of writing. Anytime I can learn from someone else's wisdom, I want to take advantage of the opportunity.

Funny thing was, I was inspired to get writing, even as I listened to this pro talk about the business side of what I do. I also felt encouraged to know I'm one of many who are pursuing this call to write. You might wonder about that, considering competition. But I feel less alone knowing there are several others out there like me. That's why I love ACFW and the eloop. We are here together, checking in, asking questions, learning, celebrating and striving together.

Whatever your vocation, don't go it alone. Find fellowship and seek out training. You'll be encouraged.

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