Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bundle of Joy by Robin Lee Hatcher

This story was originally released in 1998 as Daddy Claus. But in 2008, Robin updated the story as Bundle of Joy. I never read the original, but I'm very glad I picked up this newly reworked novel.

First of all, what's not to love about that cover? As a mother of three children, I found this little baby in the Santa hat adorable. Within the book's pages, though, a delightful Christmas romance.

Somehow, pregnant Alicia Harris convinces childhood friend Joe Palermo to conspire with her and appear married for the sake of her ailing grandfather. They'll keep up the ruse through Christmas, then part after Grandpa returns to his home far away. Thus we have the setting of our story, two characters forced together to fall in love. Conflict number one--they end up having to get married, due to circumstances. And before you think Alicia too guilty for your sympathy, you should know her first husband (the baby's father) abandoned her.

I enjoyed Robin's skill of drawing us into her heroine's world. The author's motherhood references really spoke to me. One of the elements which drew the hero to the heroine was Alicia's obvious maternal warmth. Robin's romance works very well, too. We watch these two fall believably in love. She demonstrates what, specifically, the pair like about each other. In the midst of their adventures, Robin throws in a couple surprises. I believe readers will enjoy this Christmas romance.

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