Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hearts Evergreen by Robin Lee Hatcher & Kathryn Springer

Don't you love reading Christmas books at Christmastime? I do! Especially "bite-sized" novellas paired for compilations.

First, the back cover copy:

A Cloud Mountain Christmas
by Robin Lee Hatcher

Take one lonely divorcee at Christmastime. Send her on business to the romantic Cloud Mountain Lodge. Add a complication: handsome innkeeper Tony Anderson. And mix!

A Match Made for Christmas
by Kathryn Springer

Cynical reporter Connor Lawe discovers that getting youth leader Sarah Kendle to agree to a story about her merry band of carolers is easier said than done -- but well worth the effort.

And now, my review:

This novella compilation (two separate stories) was delightful to read. Robin's reunion romance story cruises along with some complications, a dash of predictability and a believable romance. I enjoyed her characters and setting. I noticed the head-hopping POV shifts, but I don't think most readers will care. Then, the second novella, Kathryn's, surprised me! Her writing voice is delightful. I hadn't read much of her work in the past. Her writing is fresh and her characters believable. The challenge I noticed in this story was a bit of a pacing issue. Overall, I'd recommend readers check out this fun Christmastime read.


  1. I'm glad to see your positive review of this book, Annette, because I just bought it for my Kindle last week. I really enjoy these novellas during the Christmas season.

  2. Hi Carole, glad I could be of help. Since this is a 2007 release, I didn't know if my review would be helpful. :)

    Hope you enjoy it!

    Merry Christmas!