Friday, December 23, 2016

Untangling Christmas by Becky Melby

Untangling Christmas by Becky Melby

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Let’s begin with a summary:

Kelsey Lemmon is stuck at work on Christmas Eve with her boss—sort of—a Mr. Roman Sasse III. Yeah. And it’s a mess—the garden supply center. They get locked in, and they’ll have to make due until help arrives to let them out. Kelsey figures she’s fired, so she starts sharing her genuine opinion about how the Sasses could make the place better. Meanwhile, Roman has some ideas of how to make Christmas better. 

And now, my review:

What a fun short story!! Becky’s writing voice is such a hoot! I laughed aloud several times as I was reading. Her prose and pacing are perfect.

What’s more fun that watching a Christmas romance play out in your head while you read, as if you were watching a Hallmark movie? This story is delightful! It reads fast, but that’s the type of story you want during this rushed season, right? Becky painted a fun setting and great characters. I gobbled this story up like dark chocolate fudge on Christmas Day, or candy canes on Christmas Eve.

I’ve been a fan of Becky for some time, so I was happy to sign up for her newsletter for this Christmas freebie. If you like hip, snappy prose and wholesome contemporary romances, sign up. You’ll get this story, but you’ll also learn about her upcoming titles. I, for one, don’t want to miss them!

Highly recommended.

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