Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Soul Care When You're Weary by Edie Melson

Soul Care by Edie Melson

This is a life-changing book! I know that's a big claim, but I've been so blessed by this book and Edie's online class. (See below for details.)

Let's begin with the summary:

Our lives are busier each day, and the margin we have available for recovery and peace is shrinking.

Edie Melson helps you find Soul Care solutions using devotions and prayers and opportunities for creative expression. She has learned that sensory involvement deepens our relationship with the Father and gives rest to our weary souls. She will teach you to tap into your creativity.

Reconnect with God using your tactile creativity.

Warning! This book may become dog-eared and stained. Draw in it. Experiment with your creative passions. Learn the healing power of play. Allow God’s power to flow through creativity. Soul Care When You’re Weary will become your heart treasure. 

And now, my review:

This book came along at the perfect time for me. Have you ever gotten burned out doing what you otherwise love to do? Following our callings can be wearying, which is a level beyond exhausting. Weariness can make us question our callings.

Edie’s approach to “soul care” is a biblical approach, so it reaffirms your faith. She’s a nature lover, like many creatives, myself included, and some of her creative prompts send us out into nature to commune with God.

Her book includes her own personal stories, many devotionals, prayers, and creative activity prompts. She encourages us to give ourselves permission to create, without guilt.

Her approach to soul care is that of God as Creator, gifting us with creativity, and how much He enjoys when we enjoy making crafts or art. Through her lens, the act of creating is a type of communion with Him. And since creating fuels us and gives us joy, we can give ourselves permission to take time to be creative. We often feel guilty, as if we should be spending our time doing more worthy things. But that’s a lie. Feeding our souls in wholesome ways is beneficial to everyone in our lives, including ourselves. And the process grows our intimacy with God, which is the ultimate benefit and joy. Then, when our souls are fed, we have strength and enjoyment in the journey of our callings.

I highly recommend this book. If you connect with Edie on Facebook, you may find her online community/class for Soul Care. It’s called “SoulfulInk.” She does FB lives with us as if we’re a Bible study group, which she leads in her gentle, wise, godly way. She’s like a wiser sister, full of encouragement and kindness and relatable stories.

If I could give this more than five stars, I would. If you’re feeling weary pursuing your calling, pick up this book. If you know a creative who is weary, consider this book as a gift idea. It’s life-changing.

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