Saturday, December 8, 2018

Sugarplums and Second Chances by Jill Kemerer

Sugarplums and Second Chances

This novella was also published in the “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” novella collection.

I love reading Christmas novellas in November and December.

Let’s begin with the summary:

Are some mistakes beyond redemption?
When former NFL star, Chase McGill, invites Courtney Trudesta, the widow of his former teammate, to spend Christmas with him and his son in Lake Endwell, he simply wants to repay her for the weekly letters she sent while he was in prison. He didn't expect to fall for her.

Chase regrets his past and knows it will take more than sugarplums and wishful thinking to heal Courtney's lonely heart. But with a dose of small-town charm and plenty of Christmas cheer, they might have a second chance at happiness...with each other.

And now, my review:

These characters are part of Jill's series set in Lake Endwell, which I’ve yet to read. This meant I was missing a little bit of the connection and history. At the same time, I really enjoyed this novella! (I recommend reading the series, but if you haven’t you’ll still catch on.)

I liked the letter-writing aspect. The hero and heroine have exchanged letters before this story begins, so they have a history of conversation, which builds intimacy. That letter-writing element was one of the things that drew me to this story.

The hero believes he’s not good enough for the heroine. This is a noble reason to keep them apart. It’s also his lie, and he’ll have to think of himself differently by story’s end for this one to end HEA. (happily ever after)

The heroine has been so lonely. She’s a caretaker who needs someone to care for her for a change, and that’s exactly what the hero does. I liked that the hero had resources and a warm home where she could relax and “restore her soul.” 

This author knows how to write an enjoyable, wholesome romance. Such a pleasure to read. 

Highly recommended!

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