Monday, June 4, 2012

7 Hours - Post 6 - All of Our Dreams by James Andrew Wilson


Ever wonder who’s behind this series? James Andrew Wilson was the mastermind.

Here’s the summary:

Luke Harrison is haunted by dreams of an imaginary past. Five years ago his wife, Arianna, fell victim to a horrifying degenerative disease, unraveling all of their dreams in an instant. Luke’s entire life is focused on her care and comfort.
But there is an approaching darkness, a malevolent Watcher who seems intent on taking Arianna from Luke.

Dreams and reality collide as Luke faces his own impending death. He doesn’t know what's real anymore, and time is running out.

And now, my review:

This was one of those stories where I wondered if there were problems with e-book formatting. There were some very confusing passages. I didn’t read the summary first (I rarely do), so I was lost in this guy’s dream sequences. I liked the author’s prose. I liked his treatment of his main character’s regrets. How he’d go back and dream freely with his wife if given the chance. Speaking of her, I liked the character’s commitment to his wife, though she had a debilitating disease that would eventually take her life.
Look at this prose as night falls:

Purple has faded to darkest blue, and the stars are no longer humble. We watch night come upon us, and we don’t fear it. 

The 7 Hours anthology was James’s idea. His treatment of this concept was original to the series. He has some trippy notions about time, some of which I had no problem entertaining. Like when Thomas Constant explained déjà vu. I also liked his treatment of salvation. I enjoyed the artistic elements in the story (the characters are painters) and appreciated the character of The Watcher. Very interesting. Readers who are looking for something unusual with a strong message of hope, I recommend this novella. I’ll be watching for more books by this new-to-me author.

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