Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Perfect Blend by Anita Higman

This was a recent Kindle freebie and because Anita is so well-respected, I snatched it up. Glad I did!

Here’s the summary:

The Café Rose is a place for great coffee and falling in love. Jacques, the owner and matchmaker of the Café Rose, seats his friend, Hamilton Wakefield, with loner Kasey Morland. Her business life is a mess, and since Hamilton is an entrepreneur, he lets Kasey know he's just the man to straighten her out. Sparks fly, coffee is poured, and romance is in the air. Will their clashing personalities turn into a bitter brew, or will Hamilton and Kasey discover they are instead, the perfect blend?

And now, my review:

I enjoyed getting a chance to read one of StoneHouse Ink’s books. And reading a novella by Anita Higman was a delight. She is so good with story structure, characterization, prose and romance. 

Her writing is strong. She knows where she’s going, and readers gladly tag along for the ride.

It’s challenging to get a believable romance out of so few words, but Anita helps us experience this couple’s journey. My favorite character? Jacques! He owns the coffee shop where our hero and heroine meet. He’s so much fun, always matchmaking. I liked the setting of this story as well. 

Every now and then, you need a good rom com (romantic comedy). Anita provides just such a light, fun read.  There were aspects of the story that transcended the fiction experience where I could immediately apply the subtle truth to my life. That’s what distinguishes good fiction from okay fiction. And somehow, in this little story, Anita managed to include some nuggets. Sometimes her prose is so much fun, I had to highlight it. Like this:

“Yes, another dimwitted thing had flown out of his mouth, buzzed around his head, and called him an idiot.” Fun, huh?

Enjoy this delightful read!

(only available as an e-book)

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