Saturday, September 26, 2015

Getting Through What You Can't Get Over by Anita Agers-Brooks

Today’s review is for a non-fiction title that I kept hearing about and decided might be helpful. 

Let’s begin with the summary:

There are some things in life people never get over. No matter how much they want to.

Many experience abuse, financial disaster, serious illness, death of loved ones, and other common traumas making them believe they’ll never move past the pain, but through research and true story compilations, author Anita Agers-Brooks offers emotional, practical, and spiritual insights from experts and people who have survived intense trauma—and have made it through seemingly impossible situations.

And now, my review:

Sometimes the only way beyond something is through it. 

Anita’s extensive work in counseling with trauma victims provides unique wisdom in this area. As I read, I was impressed with her expertise in the field of psychology. No wonder this book has been so well received. I will say, some of the stories were too difficult for me to read but I gleaned the key application—just keep going. Don’t give up. Move forward. Get help.

Because this book addresses real issues and because the author knows her field, and because the chapters offer genuine inspiration, I believe this book will help many people. She includes God in the narrativethe best Counselor. I believe every reader will find nuggets for personal application, or the means to help others. 

If you’re in a situation that seems impossible, or you’ve suffered trauma or love someone who has, I highly recommend this book. I believe highly sensitive people will benefit, but should proceed cautiously. Pick and choose the stories (chapters) that work for you. There are plenty of anecdotes to choose from.

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