Saturday, September 19, 2015

Together with You by Victoria Bylin

Together with You by Victoria Bylin

I enjoy Victoria's writing so I thrilled with the privilege of reading this title for review. 

Let’s begin with the summary:

Sometimes the most unexpected love can be exactly what a heart needs...

When a Lost Child warning blares over the mall's PA system, Carly Mason finds the little girl playing with a stuffed rabbit. Something about Penny Tremaine is different. An ex-social worker, Carly recognizes that the child suffers fetal alcohol effects, and a piece of Carly's past suddenly confronts her. Never again will she become personally involved with a client. The risks are far too great. But something about Pennyand Penny's handsome fathertugs at Carly's heart.

Dr. Ryan Tremaine is trying to put his life back together. With his ex-wife remarried and on a trip far away, his two teenage sons and Penny are living under his roof full time. Ryan has put his faith in his Sink-or-Swim list, a plan to reconnect with his children. The first step: recruit Carly Mason to be Penny's nanny.

Ryan never anticipated being so drawn to Carly, an attraction Carly seems to fight as much as he does. Could Carly be the missing piece that helps his family stay afloat, or will their blossoming romance only complicate things further?

And now, my review:

This story began with a great hook—a missing child. As a parent, that gets to you, makes you keep reading. And it’s a great scenario for authors to introduce their characters. Throughout the story, the author throws in wise nuggets, like how fathers are created as they father. (Same for mothers, but our protag is a dad.) 

Our heroine longs for a family and Penny, the protag’s daughter, tugs on something inside Carly. But getting involved in her life means facing down demons she’s successfully avoided for a season. God’s probably not going to let her get away with avoidance for long because that isn’t freedom. And He’s all about freedom. Carly is good for Ryan’s family, and they’re good for her.

I liked how the author kept us hooked in this romantic story. She was skilled at even taking us into the little girl’s thoughts—showing her confusion and motivations. The author obviously understands her subject matter here. Well written.

All in all, an enjoyable story.

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