Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Box

This week I mailed Christmas presents to family out of state, that and a pile of Christmas cards. There I knelt on the living room floor, wrapping little gifts to nieces and nephews, parents and siblings. Lights on the Christmas glowed, holiday music hummed and wrapping paper crinkled. The Christmas spirit was tangible as I filled the boxes.

What does this have to do with writing or reading?

I like reading books that are outside the box. A few authors have inspired me in this. One of them is Travis Thrasher. He doesn't write predictable fiction. Check out any three of his books and you'll see he's not a box-inhabitor. Maureen Lang hasn't fit into any specific box. These two are successful and what makes them interesting to read is their work doesn't follow expected norms. That kind of writing gets people's attention. There's value in not fitting into a known box. Take a peek at The Shack for confirmation. Wayyyy outside the box.

So, unlike those boxes full of Christmas presents, this kind of box isn't fun to unpack. It's routine.

Here's to new and interesting fiction---outside the box.

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