Saturday, December 20, 2008

What Makes You Love A Novel?

When you've finished reading a book, what is it that makes you say "Wow, that was a great novel!"?

Is it the prose (the stringing of words together) or the plot? Was it how the author tied things together and concluded the story? Was it how the author surprised you here or there? Was it the emotions you experienced while reading? How much did the genre influence your enjoyment of the book? What else makes you love a book?

If an author could design the perfect book for you, what would s/he include?

Let's interact. Name your favorites book(s) and tell us what you loved about them. Or, just tell us what your favorite kind of novel would include.


  1. Hey readers, please feel free to leave comments here. I will be away from the internet for a few days, but your comments will come up as soon as I get back. I look forward to hearing your responses and would love to create a blog post with your responses her on my book review blog. Who knows, readers, you may be influencing the writers you love to read! and those you've never heard of may become some of your favorites!

  2. Well, actually, I'm home again. So, leave those comments and let's discuss your favorite fiction element. :)